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Personal Cooking

The Ultimate Healthy Time Saver!

Personal Cooking in the Privacy of your Home!

Healthy eating is an integral part of a complete wellness program. We offer you a variety of services to make the step towards healthy eating an easy one. An experienced personal cook will come to your home and prepare your healthy meals. In addition, we can assess your kitchen and grocery shopping to customize a healthy and delicious diet for you and your loved ones. Our customized services include all of the following:

  • Personal shopping tours - We will teach you which stores, closest to you, offer the best foods and ingredients, which brands are the healthiest, how to read the labels and how much quantities to buy from each ingredient.

  • Personal Cook - We will provide you with a personal cook to work around your schedule and to cook meals customized to your health and taste needs.

  • Personal Shopper - We will re-stock your kitchen with the foods and ingredients you need, so you do not waste time.

  • Kitchen organization assessments - We will give you best practices to apply to your kitchen to make it easier for you to cook healthy and quickly, save food longer, and clean faster and more effectively:
    • Kitchen Organization (quick and easy access saves time)
    • Ideal Layout
    • Appropriate Ventilation and Illumination
    • Appropriate Tools:
      • Utensils
      • Food Storage
      • Lighting
      • Plate/Bowl Sizing
      • Colors

  • Pricing - Our services are billed on an hourly basis at the rate of $60. In addition, we can customize weekly plans based on your needs.

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